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Firefighting was ranked as the most challenging job in the year 2015 followed closely by being recruited in the military; originally the profession entailed so much pressure from the devastating fire fighting scenes. Much improvement though has been in the offing following different building styles and materials used these days. Huge fires were the characteristics of the earlier days in most governments and jurisdictions, modern equipment’s and improved systems are the order of the day these days. The job still is very demanding to call for firefighter training, experience and high qualifications.

What does firefighting involve?

As a firefighter you are always on standby 24/7 just like any other emergency demanding job, you have to be prepared always to be called upon at short or no notice at all to go to fight fires. Though sometimes the real task may not be fire, but the type of responsibility involved is very high since you may be called upon for any rescue mission at any time. Tackling any emergency situation requires you to have problems solving and emergency skills and being calm, in any region of the nation such emergencies do occur more often than before at short notice. The work entails fighting emergency fire, rescuing people who are trapped in buildings as a result of fire or any other menace, Road Traffic Collisions (R.T.C) and similar cases.

Training and Development: 

Basically firefighting jobs requires a basic education coupled with professional training, to be a qualified fire fighter you will need to arm yourself with the following qualifications depending on which location;

a) Basic Diploma or a Degree related to disaster management, it will depend on which position you are required for.

b) Firefighter certification. 

c) A basic paramedic and first aid training by recognized institutions. 

d) Military trained firefighters are mostly preferred. 

e) Firefighting license training depending on the locality. 

f) Fire EMS Electronics Management System experience.  

g) Other certifications depending on the level of jobs. 

Common jobs in firefighting: 

Here is a list of main positions in firefighter jobs:


b) Reserve Firefighter.

 c) Fire Engineer. 

d) Fire Inspector 

e) Fire Technician

 f) Shift Qualified Reserve. 

g) Firefighter/Paramedic. 

h) Fire-medic

it depends on where there is a job opening for firefighter jobs, but the above are the main general requirements in the industry. Firefighter jobs pay well since they are highly sensitive and stressful kind of work, but every government has its own requirements and the pay rate, though in most parts of US the terms are almost similar.